We live in a time in which we have more opportunity than ever before to access resources, learn anything we want, do what we love and follow our passion. 

We also live in a time of unprecedented change—and change is scary for most people. It challenges our worldviews, makes us question our assumptions about what’s possible, and sometimes thrusts us into challenges that disrupt our lives. 

And the result is that more and more people are finding themselves asking life’s biggest question: 

  • Why are we here? 

  • What is the meaning of life? 

  • What is my life purpose?

People from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, religious, and life experiences are waking up to the awareness that…


They know they are not fulfilling their potential. They seek to live a life of more meaning. They feel compelled to give their pain a purpose and use it to make a difference. But, they hold themselves back because they tend to tell themselves stories of why they can’t do what they want, stories of the bad things that happened to them, and stories of the way they are “supposed” to live, rather than tell the story of their potential, the gifts they’ve been given, and the dreams in their heart. 

And as a Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator, you will have the tools to guide them on a journey into themselves to reveal the gifts they have to give to this world and rewrite their life’s story. 

The Purpose Quest process will take you through the 6 Stepping Stones of Life Purpose:

  1. You will explore your CHILDHOOD INFLUENCES to identify where you learned to play the roles they act out on the stage of life.

  2. You will look at their PERSONALITY TRAITS for clues of who your meant to be in this world.

  3. You will embrace their PASSIONS and develop the interests they never allowed yourself to explore.

  4. You will identify your natural TALENTS and the skills you have developed that will serve you along their journey.

  5. You will look back at the meaningful and life changing experiences along your LIFE PATH to see where the trajectory of your life has been taking you.

  6. And finally, you will banish any limiting BELIEFS that are holding you back from their potential.

By the end of the workshop, you will put the 6 stepping stones of purpose together like puzzle pieces that reveal the big picture of your life’s greater purpose.