People spend money every month on things like gym membership, weight management clubs and entertainment like Netflix etc. So why not have a monthly plan for your mental health? Over the past few years I see people coming back to me as a hypnotherapist as once they have dealt with one issue they want to move onto something else or they want extra guidance. This is why we created our monthly package for Mind Matters. – weekly group talking therapy sessions with a group hypnosis session included. (Value £320 per month) – Access to pre recorded hypnosis audio for the most popular needs like weight loss, pain management, quit smoking, confidence issues and much more. (Value over £5,500) – Access to a private members only Facebook group for help and support in your daily life’s. (Priceless) – We will run bi monthly or quarterly challenges to help you live your best life. (Value £450 each) – Access to our award winning 90 day program to renew your life and to level up your life. (Value £350) We are launching on 24th May so for anyone who signs up before this date gets the lifetime discount of just £39 per month for this amazing support network, this is limited to founding members only, limited to the first 10 people. No longer feel alone with Mind Matters, as every mind matters. That is less than £1.25 per day.